Software Development

- Software development for virtually any embedded microcontroller;

- C/C++ and assembler - PC software development for Windows, specialized in C#, .NET development;

- Development of PC applications to control and test your devices via USB, serial, CAN, etc.;

- Device driver development;

- Board Support Packages;

- Hardware / Software integration - Bootloader development - Communication protocol stacks;

- Software development for wireless communication devices - Java ME;

- Testing and Quality Assurance Services;

Hardware design

- PCB design and layout;

- Microcontroller-based digital logic - Analog sensors, amplifiers, control circuitry;

- Communication devices – wireless (GSM/GRPS), Ethernet


- Energy monitoring and control systems;

- Industrial control applications;

- Automotive;

- Data communications wired and wireless;

- Automated testing;

Development process

We follow simple formal internal processes to ensure quality of the software development – source control and bug tracking systems, code reviews, Agile methodology, etc.